Since its founding by Mr. Jack Anderson a former CFO of FORD MOTORS in 1983(NEW YORK), Cameleer has focused on manufacturing and licensing high quality aftermarkets automotive spare parts and accessories in different countries such as United States, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan. In this world wide global economy we don’t limit our self to any specific geographical location and we use all our abilities and opportunities to provide high level quality merchandise.

The company name Cameleer originates from those who were guiding and protecting passengers and their shipments to safe destination throughout the desert in ancient time,that’s what have been doing by guiding new technology and standards into our products and standing by our beliefs for top customer satisfactory.

We have a close relationships with all major auto makers and we have been one their suppliers for a while. For better serving our fellow Americans we just opened a new office in Detroit to be closer to BIG THREE car factories.

Our main operation is finding the best manufactures around world, licensing them with our advance technology and quality control and produce the best quality goods with most affordable price for our customers.

For achieving this goal we have one of the most professional association and staff in the country which are traveling around world all the time. We are one of those organizations which operates 24/7.

We have been awarded by WALDEN UNIVERSITY for best quality control and US FOREIGN AND GLOBAL TRADE ASSOCIATION for best Licensing policy and technology.